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iso90012015Products of the highest quality is one of the main aims at every level of our production. As a result of our quality, in the year 2003 we achieved international certification: ISO 9001:2015, confirming that Poltarex works according to quality management procedures. This certificate is a very clear sing for our customers that products made by POLTAREX are of the highest standard, and the company is a reliable business partner.
In 1998 we were certified by FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council). The FSC® certificate (product orgin control system) confirms that timber used by us, originates from well managed forests.


POLTAREX is one of few companies in Poland which has quality certificate of Nordic Wood Preservation Council for timber treatment, issued by Finotrol Oy, Finland. We pressure treattimber according to standards EN 351-1 and EN 335. Also NWPC Documents 1. part 1 and doc 3-part 1:2017 are followed.
Class NTR/A – is comparable with class 4 treatment (UC 4)
Class NTR/AB – is comparable with class 3 treatment (UC 3)

CE.jpgOn December 20th, 2011 PPD Poltarex acquired CE certificate. As a result we are entitled to issue CE mark to structural timber processed in our sawmills.

Poltarex can also produce timber with FAO IPPC ISPM 15:2009 standard, i.e. during the process of kiln drying we maintain timber internal temperature of at least 50oC for minimum of 30 minutes.

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